"For any game of chance such as Roulette, there is not one strategy that can ensure 100% of winning probability. But if you play smartly using the strategies that work, you will be able to make good consistent money from the online casinos".

two columns roulette strategy

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2 Columns Roulette Strategy can be played in many different ways. Let's take a look at SOME options:

1. Classic... you pick 2 columns and bet same amount on each (for example 1 unit on 1st column and 1 unit on 3rd column). Use Progression system to follow the win or loss. You can use Positive or Negative Progressions described in detail >>> here.

2. Hedging... you are not going to win both bets if you place them on separate columns, what you are doing is trying to cover more of the table to increase your odds of winning an individual spin on one column and recovering the bet on the other. Place your bets on 2 columns, for example the 1st and 2nd columns. On your favorite column, that you think the ball will land in, bet 2 units (for example $20) and on the column that you want to hedge, bet 1 unit (for example $10). Let’s say you use $10 as a unit. If your column comes in with 2 units on ($20 bet), your bet gets you $60 win but you will lose the 1 unit ($10) hedge bet. Having spent $30 on bets, you will get $60 back. You double your money. If your hedge column comes in, you will get $30, so you break even, getting your bets back. If the third column comes in, you lose $30. You can further hedge your bets by adding an even money bet like red/black, or even a dozen, both of which should overlap your original bets. But bear in mind that your profit will rise if the ball lands in an overlapped zone, but obviously your losses will be bigger if it lands out. My advice would be to keep it simple and don’t overlap too much.

3. Follow the Leader... this method follows the winner. Main bet/unit is always placed on the column which won the last spin. Let's say for example number 30 was the last number and since it's in 3rd column the next bet would be 1 unit on the 3rd column and so on always following the winning column. After win or loss you decide which Progression system you want to use. You can also hedge this column with other column or different outside bets. Don't just get stuck with Martingale, check out all the other Progression Systems >>> here.

4. Trend based... This method follows the Trend of the wheel, where you place bets on two columns which have hit the most in the last 10 spins and again you can use Progression system of your liking.

5. Must come... Opposite of the trending method, here you would bet the column which has not hit in the las 4-6 spins. You can decide to bet that one column using one of many Negative Progression systems and you can also incorporate the hedging method. Warning: always be careful with running into the high levels of Martingale!!!

6. Color R/B based... If you want to use a color trend of the wheel you may bet columns which have the most numbers of corresponding color. 1st column (6 Reds, 6 Blacks), 2nd column (4 Reds, 8 Blacks), 3rd column (8 Reds, 4 Blacks). If there's a Red trend you would bet 1st and 3rd column, if there is Black trend you would bet 1st and 2nd column.

There are many options to chose from and many methods how to play Columns, but ALWAYS remember that none of these systems and strategies will alter the roulette odds you get at the table. No system will!


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