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double power roulette system

The Double Street Bets are made by placing a bet on the line between the numbers for the wager. The number on the last spin determines which Double Street Bet is made (bets are never made on a zero or see note bellow*). As additional numbers show, additional Double Street bets are made. The maximum number of Double Street bets is three bets. Double Street bets will be made in a predetermined sequence, with different amounts bet on each round of play. This continues until one of the Double Street Bets hits. A win on any Double Street bet results in a winning target. With any target win the betting sequence is over and we can call the game over with a win or, if we continue to play, we will start the betting sequence over with the next round of betting. 

Three Double Street bets is the largest number that will be made at one time. Once three Double Street bets have been made, the player will continue to bet on the same Double Street bets until a win occurs. Once the Double Street bets are set, they will not change. However, the amount bet for each round of play will change in the final version of this system. This can best be demonstrated by showing how a series of bets could flow.

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Explanation of Series of Bets

1. Before making a bet we need to observe one wheel spin. No bets are made until we have one number to start with. In land-based play you can just glance at the board above the table showing the results of spins and set up a Double Street bet on the last number shown. Online you may have to make a Starter Bet in order to activate a spin. We recommend a minimum bet (say a $1 bet) on red or black in order to set up a wheel spin. The observed spin is number 36. 

2. We make our first bet setting up a Double Street bet covering the last number (36) with a Double Street bet covering the numbers 31,32,33,34,35,36. We lose the bet when a 9 shows. 

3. We now make two Double Street bets to cover the numbers 36 and 9. The bets are shown in the table. None of our numbers are hit when a 15 shows. 

4. We make three Double Street bets to cover the last three numbers spun of 36, 9 and 15. The bets are shown in the table. The number spun is a 31 and we win. 

5. Following a win we start over making just one Double Street bet covering the last number spun. We make one Double Street bet covering the number 31 with the numbers 31, 32, 33, 34, 35,36. The number 13 is spun and we lose the round. 

6. We expand our Double Street Bets to two: One bet covering the number 31 and a new Double Street bet covering the number 13. The number 31 shows and we win the round. 

7. Since we won on the last bet we start over again with one Double Street bet covering the last number rolled of 31. We can continue in this way as long as we like, quitting after a winning Coup. The number 35 shows and we win the bet. 

Here is an explanation of the Betting Series

For Level-1 we make one bet; Level-2, two bets; Level-3, three bets; Levels-4 to 7, three bets. 

Amount Bet per Double Street Bet

Here we find the amount wagered on each Double Street bet at each level of play. 

For Level 1 bets we bet one unit on one bet. 

For Level 2 we bet two units each on two bets (total of 4 units wagered). 

Level 3 bets are 5 units each on three bets, totaling 15 units. 

Level 4 bets are 10 units each on three bets for a total of 30 units. 

Level 5 - 7 three bets progression from level 4.

Total Bet – These are the total amounts bet at each level of play. For Level 1, we bet 1 unit; Level 2 bets total 4 units; Level 3 bets total 15 units, Level 4 bets total 30 units; Level 5 bets total 60 units; Level 6 bets total 120 units; Level 7 bets total 255 units 

With this system you can play as long as you like per session. However, most players like to play for a maximum of three to five winning rounds and quit after a reaching winning target. One way to make decision-making automatic is to set a Target Win for each level of play. The amounts are strictly up to you and can be adjusted as you wish. For play with $1 bets I suggest a Target Win from $30 to $50 per game, and so on...


Note*: My modification... Same approach but betting double streets of the last numbers as they come. When you get to higher up betting levels it is recommended to cover the 0 accordingly.

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