"For any game of chance such as Roulette, there is not one strategy that can ensure 100% of winning probability. But if you play smartly using the strategies that work, you will be able to make good consistent money from the online casinos".

etomino's GO BACK roulette strategy

etomino's GO BACK strategy is NOT your typical  roulette strategy. I DO NOT recommend using this strategy for new players or beginners with a small bankroll nor for the early phases of any of the Daily Profit bankroll building Plans. It is an advanced player strategy which I have developed over the course of many years of playing, observing the roulette wheel, logging in thousands of sessions and spins and finding out responding roulette wheel "behavior" and patterns.

I have described how to play my Go Back strategy in great details in my videos, so for better understanding it is recommended to watch them:

Video #1... Go Back strategy... watch here

Video #2... Modified Go Back strategy, final version... watch here

Video #3... coming soon

Key points:

A. When to play:

   I always recommend to observe the wheel and find the best TRIGGER/entry point for any strategy. For GO BACK specifically, in my experience, it is best to look for a stretch of continued spins (4-6) when there's no hit on go back numbers and then to deploy and start playing this strategy. It is very important to watch statistics and pay attention to trending sectors because there are many other possible trigger points and details that I utilized to achieve the best results. On the other hand if there is 3-4 go back hits in the last 10-12 spins before you want to start, it is not the suitable entry point until another stretch of no go backs follows. 

B. What if the last two numbers are too close to each other:

   Yes, it happens and in that case I recommend to either sit out, spin or two, to see what next development will be or simply bet that sector to cover both last and previous number and to complete the bet use either... 

   a. number on the 3rd position on the tote board 

   b. one of the first 5 hot numbers from the hot numbers tote board currently being on the opposite side of the wheel

   c. number in the statistically highest trending sector 

   d. corresponding classic combo number


C. What type of bets to use:

   Go Back strategy as any other strategy is NOT 100% guaranteed to win every time and is not meant to be played for long period of time. Short sessions and stopping the strategy after reaching the profit is advised. It is a flat betting type of strategy, but with appropriate bankroll this can be played with a progression. Type of progression system depends solely on the experience, bankroll, personal preferences and choice. The best progression systems are described in details >>> HERE


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