"For any game of chance such as Roulette, there is not one strategy that can ensure 100% of winning probability. But if you play smartly using the strategies that work, you will be able to make good consistent money from the online casinos".

roulette systems summary

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"1326" SYSTEM

     The 1326 system is a system that forces you to set limits on your bets and to break your session up into smaller portions, which is never a bad thing. Just understand that it has a downside (like all roulette systems of course).

The whole aim of this system is to try and win 4 times in a row.  This system helps you to bank profits along the way and forces you to take stock after 4 bets.

Here´s How You Play the 1326 System:
I am going to explain this in terms of 1 unit, so your first bet is $1.Now you can set your own level of betting on the first round, just make sure that you multiply it all the way through so you are betting the same relative profile (so 2,6,4,12 if you start with a $2 bet or 10, 30, 20, 60 if you start with $10.

If you win each bet, you follow the progression and invest 1 on your first round, 3 on your second round, 2 on your third round and 6 on your 4th round. Easy, right? Well, it´s slightly more complicated. If you lose, at any stage, you need to go back to the first bet. It´s a type of Positive Progression where you increase bets after a win with a twist, in that you nudge down after a 2nd win.

Let's say you are making even money bets on red or black for example. 

  1. Bet $10 - if you lose at this stage, you are down $10. Start again. If you win, progress to step 2.
  2. Bet $30 - if you lose you are down $20 and start again, back to step 1. If you win go to step 3.
  3. Bet $20 - if you lose you are up $20 overall and must start again. You win go to step 4.
  4. Bet $60 - if you lose you break even. If you win pocket $120 with an overall investment of $20

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     Details >>> here


"AFTER 10"

How to play “After 10” Roulette Strategy with double up after the loss. 

  1. Wait for 10 numbers and bet 1 unit on each of those numbers.
  2. If you win repeat step 1. If you lose repeat the same bet, add last number and double up.
  3. If you win go back to step 1. If you lose repeat the same bet, add last number and double up again.
  4. If you win go back to step 1. If you lose take the loss and go back to step 1.

Note: If there is no 0 between those 10 numbers being bet on, it is recommended to add 0 as well.

Video demonstration of this strategy... here



The Roulette Strike Strategy consists of making two bets which will cover the last number to show on the tote board.

  1. A Double Street Bet covering the last number. As a general rule, the wager will be set up so that the last number to show is in the top row of the Double Street Bet. Of course, with the exception for the last number being in the last street.
  2. A Column Bet covering the last number to show.


Level                                          1     2     3     4     5     6     7

Double street bet                1     2     4     8    16   32   64     (units)

Column bet                           1     3     8    16   32   64  128    (units)    

Note: if you do not feel confident or you play with smaller bankroll it is recommended to stop and take your loss after not advancing through the Level 5.        

Can be played with small bankroll for bigger profits.

Like any system, the longer you play, the more likely you are to see losing runs then winning runs. So the remember the rules - if you win big early, stop. If you carry on too long, the house edge will eat all of your money.

Video demonstration of this strategy... here



This Strategy is based on betting the matching numbers. For example... If the last number to show is 1 we bet all the numbers ending with one that is 1, 11, 21, 31 and each numbers one or two neighbors, depending on your bankroll, base bets and targets. There are few trigger points when to start this strategy and one I use is when this exact match will occur. When any number is matched in back to back spins like 22 and 2 or 34 and 4 or 16 and 26, etc., we start our betting sequence.  

One more example... last number to show is 12, so we bet 2 and its two neighbors, 12 + neighbors, 22 + neighbors and 32 + neighbors. It's a flat betting strategy where up betting is not necessary. 

In some instances the neighbors are overlapping and we can play it like that for higher profits if one of those overlapped numbers hit or we can use this trick I promised to show you. This applies only to the way of playing this strategy with 2 neighbors. If you are using only 1 neighbor, there's no need for adjustments:

1. For number 0... we bet 0, 10, 20, 30 where instead betting 30 and have neighbors overlap on 10 side we move bet to 36                                    and its neighbors, and we add single number 16 to close the gap between neighbors of 10 and 20.

2. For number 1... bet on 31 we move to 22 and its neighbors.

3. For number 6... bet 6, 16, 26 and bet on 36 we move to 30 and its neighbors instead

4. For number 7... bet 7, 17, bet on 27 we move to 36 and we add 0 and its neighbors because there's no 37, and add                                               single 35 to close the gap.

5. For number 8... bet 8, 18, bet on 28 move to 35, and bet on 0 move to 15.

6. For number 9... bet 9, 19, bet 29 move to 28, and add single numbers 0, 3, 26 to close the gap.

7. For numbers with 2, 3, 4, 5... no changes or offsets necessary.


Pros: Great dynamic system. Good coverage. No dangerous up betting.

Cons: You need to understand it's limitations. You can´t change the house edge with this (or any system). You can run into the streak where none of the numbers will hit, then you have to stick with your bankroll management and be able to accept the loss.

From my experiences this system is better applied during the live dealer sessions since the "live" wheels tend to have more repeated numbers, streaks and trends. 

For the video demonstration of this strategy click here



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