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best crypto wallets

Crypto Storage Options

Outside of hardware wallets, here are the different options you can use to store your coins:

► Leave it on an exchange (not a great idea)

► Take control of your private keys using a mobile wallet

► Paper wallets

Honestly, all those storage options have major drawbacks, and I would not personally recommend any of them. So let’s go over the best hardware wallets for you.


What’s A Hardware Wallet

These are physical devices that act a bit like a flash drive and store your private keys. The important thing here is that the private key never leaves the hardware wallet, and the entire transaction validation process is done on the device itself. 

That means your private keys are never exposed to the outside world and this protects you against remote attacks. This is why these devices are the safest way to store your crypto.


Trezor Model T

Trezor is one of the most well-known hardware wallet companies in the space. The Trezor model T is their latest device and comes with a full color touchscreen. The bad news is that it comes in at a whopping $165.

Over 1,000 cryptos are supported, however, there are limited options when it comes to staking. The device also integrates with the Exodus wallet. So, if you are using that and want to upgrade your security, then you may want to look at Trezor more closely.

If money is no object, then Trezor T is the device for you and you should get yours now here.


Trezor One

Yes, this hardware wallet doesn’t have a fancy color touchscreen or a micro-SD card. However, the Trezor One only costs $55.

When you consider that this device has pretty much exactly the same features as the Trezor Model T, I think it is significantly better value. So, if you want to get the best value and love Trezor, then this is the best option for you and you can get it right now here.


Ledger Nano S

$59 is all you need to get your hands on the most popular wallet in crypto. Yes, the Ledger Nano S only allows you to store four or five applications. However, with a single app like Ethereum, you can store any ERC-20 token - so it is not as limiting as it seems. Ledger also supports over 1,000 cryptos, so if this option speaks to you the best... get yours here. 


Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X comes with a bigger screen and Bluetooth connectivity. It also allows you to store up to 100 applications on one device. So, if you plan to hold a different altcoins, then this one's for you. At $119, the Ledger Nano X is not the cheapest device out there, but definitely one of the more advanced. Get yours here.

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