"For any game of chance such as Roulette, there is not one strategy that can ensure 100% of winning probability. But if you play smartly using the strategies that work, you will be able to make good consistent money from the online casinos".

Reverse Martingale system

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Reverse Martingale

  1. Keep your bets the same after a loss (flat bet).
  2. Double your bet after a win, and fall back to your initial bet once you lose.
  3. You can switch around what you bet on (red/black, even/odd, low/high) or continue with the same bet, the odds are the same.
  4. Most often played on the “even-money” bets, but can be used on any bet.
  5. Don’t be greedy keep it short. You must decide on how many wins in a row you are going to go for before you start, and then fall back to your original bet in the next run.
  6. Have a clearly defines profit target and stop loss before you start. DON’T go over them

You can choose how aggressive to go on these kinds of Positive Progression systems where you increase your bets after a win. The famous James Bond roulette bet (actually played in real life by actor Sean Connery) involves making single number bets and letting the winnings ride for 2 additional spins. In Connery’s case, he bet on 17 and won 3 times in a row, leaving his winning on the table after the 1st and second win. That takes courage! But then, you are playing with the casino’s money, in a sense, or rather your winnings.


  • Easy to understand
  • You are betting with your previous winnings- relatively low risk
  • Can work in short bursts
  • Flexible. You can play it on any bets


  • If you lose one bet, it wiped out all of your previous winnings, so make sure you have a plan for the number of wins in a row you think you can achieve and stick to it.
  • The Reverse Martingale does not reduce the overall house edge.
  • If you hit a losing streak, you’ll need to win more times in a row (and stop while you are ahead) to cover previous losses.


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