"For any game of chance such as Roulette, there is not one strategy that can ensure 100% of winning probability. But if you play smartly using the strategies that work, you will be able to make good consistent money from the online casinos".

Follow the Leader roulette strategy

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Follow the Leader uses the fact that Roulette spin outcomes sometimes line up into streaks, resulting in Red winning streaks, Even winning streaks, high numbers winning streaks,...etc. In other words, this betting system follows the trends that commonly appear in spin sequences. The player’s aim is to predict and ride such trends as they happen. Most of the time, especially newer players see the streaks and trends after they are over, but if you watch the wheel you can very easily train yourself to spot them in time to capitalize on them with this strategy.

How it works

Follow the Leader Roulette strategy comes with the simplest instructions: you always bet on the winning outcome. If the ball lands on Red, you bet on Red in the next spin; if the ball then lands on Black and you lose, switch to Black. If the ball lands on Black, you bet on Black in the next spin; if the ball then lands on Red and you lose, switch to Red. You always follow the ball, follow the last outcome.

With this system you don’t have to use betting progressions, but it is sometimes recommended to double the bet after each suffered loss, meaning to use negative progression. With this you can win your money back in a single spin, but this plan will fail if your repeatedly increased bet eventually exceeds the table limit. This can happen if you encounter a long spell of alternating winning outcomes known as a chop. Getting into the streak early also allows this system to use a positive progression where you can raise your bet with each consecutive win. To learn all the BEST progression systems go >>> here.

While the Follow the Leader strategy is typically used with R/B color bets, it works equally well with Even/Odd and Low/High bets. You basically want to place bets that let you switch between two probable outcomes.

Advanced players are using this strategy even with dozens or columns, some even with inside number bets. But that is for some other time.


  1. A simple strategy
  2. Leaves room for more complex variations
  3. Works well with short gambling sessions
  4. Can be used without or with variety of different betting progressions, positive or negative (progression systems >>> here)


  1. Occasional long streaks of alternating winning outcomes (e.g. Red, Black, Red, Black, Red... etc.) will result in losses
  2. As any other strategy does not guarantee 100% win


Follow-The-Leader lets you play strategically without too much thinking, but can also be successfully merged with progressive betting systems, positive and negative. To play Follow the Leader strategy successfully, it is recommended to use right bankroll management and stick to your stop loss and profit targets. This strategy is a great choice for players who want to find Roulette strategies useful for making steady daily profits.


The Best online casinos to apply Follow the Leader strategy, are the ones which have a history of long streaks and trends. This way you have much higher chance for several hits in a row and making desired profits for the day within just a few spins >>> click here to start NOW.



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