"For any game of chance such as Roulette, there is not one strategy that can ensure 100% of winning probability. But if you play smartly using the strategies that work, you will be able to make good consistent money from the online casinos".

Martingale system

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How to Play the Martingale on the Roulette Table- 10 tips to help you.

  1. Keep your bets the same after a win.
  2. Double your bet after a loss, then revert back to your starting bet once you win.
  3. You can change what you bet on (red/black, even/odd etc.) or continue on the same bet - the odds are the same.
  4. Keep your session short. At some point you will see 5 or more losses in row. Get out before you get there.
  5. Have a clear profit target and stop loss before you start. DON’T exceed them on the Martingale System.
  6. You can play this on most bets, but most players use it on the lower risk even money roulette bets (red/black etc.)
  7. Remember the table limits. At some point you will run out of room to double your bet if you suffer a bad losing streak. One of the best is Black casino which has high limit tables with up to 10 levels to go with up-betting. Start with a low bet to maximize your room for maneuver, or play high limit tables but keep an eye on your bets- they can ramp up quickly in the Martingale. Plan your bets and bet your plan!
  8. Be aware of the gambler’s fallacy. Just because you have just seen 5 reds in a row, it doesn’t mean that there is more chance of a black coming up. Why not bet odd, even, hi or lo? Mix it up!
  9. If you hit your profit target or stop loss, quit. Be strict with yourself.
  10. Play in short sessions and take a break. Stay focused!

Pros and Cons of the Martingale System

  • Easy to understand
  • Can work well in short bursts
  • Flexible. You can play it on any bets. Most people play the Outside Bets with a 50% table coverage or more.
  • Careful! Your bets can ramp up quickly and before you know it, you are betting a lot to win a small amount within one Martingale sequence. This is an aggressive system where your bets can ramp up quickly. Make sure you also have a look at less aggressive systems like the Hollandish System.
  • The Martingale does not alter the overall house edge.
  • It’s a negative progression- so you flat bet after a win, which means you limit your profit potential on a lucky streak.

More Martingale Systems.

This system has a number of variants, notably the Super Martingale (careful here as it’s even more aggressive) and the Reverse Martingale where you increase bets after a win rather than a loss. Do you find the Martingale System risky or not so risky? If it’s the latter, wait until you read about the Triple Martingale system which involves tripling your bets after a loss. There are a bunch of other system that are variants of the Martingale such as the Balvinder Sambhi system. 

The Negative Martingale system in which you increase your bets after a win is a sister system that aims to accelerate winnings on a purple streak- but you must be disciplined and decide how long you will stay on for the ride.

Martingale System Top Tip

Observe the wheel and statistics and find the best entry for your session. Start your first bet low and play on a wheel that has a decent betting limit to give yourself room to cover losses. Don´t stay on the Martingale progression too long. You will end up betting a big amount for a small win.

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